LoL Ranked Games : Getting a High Ranked Coach Matters

LoL Ranked Games : Getting a High Ranked Coach Matters

LoL Ranked Games : Getting a High Ranked Coach Matters

LOL character Players still new to the mechanics of the Ranked Game Mode should know that valuable gaming support via LoL coaching can be found here at the WeCoach website. Home to high ranking Challengers offering their services, the WeCoach Challengers have been through several seasons of sustaining their League of Legends Top Rank Positions. However, bear in mind that not all highly-ranked LoL players always have what it takes to transform into expert coaches. Coaching is also a matter of collaborating with players whose game play fit their choice of champions.

What Exactly is the Goal of a LoL Coach

The objective of a League of Legends coach is to unlock an aspiring player’s full potential in bringing his gameplay to new heights so that he can dominate every opponent in ranked matches.

A regular coach is someone who provides personalised one-on-one coaching to guide newbie players in their bid to master the basic skills and game mechanics of League of Legends. The coaching services may include learning how to navigate the LoL maps and in choosing a champion and the role to play as a LoL gamer. These are usually coaches who reached higher tier levels but not necessarily Ranked

Once the conventional tailored-coaching transitions to playing Ranked Games, the coaching goals become different. In the Ranked Games, the LoL algorithm decides on the pairing of players who will battle each other out in Ranked Matches.

Through the game’s Matchmaking Rating (MMR) System, the algorithm determines the real rank of the player by resetting ranks one level lower. At the reset point, the MMR will also take into consideration not just the League Points (LP) garnered by players but also the number of Ranked Matches played, as well as the number of times a contender won and lost during ranked seasons.

Players with similar gaming records or statistics will have the likeliest chances of meeting each other in the Ranked playing field. Pitting players with more or less the same standing and experiences ensures fairness of competition since contenders are playing on an even keel.

That is where bespoke League of Legends coaching matters because the preparations needed to rise above the ranks will take average gamers more than one season to accomplish. Just to clarify, LoL gamers in regular modes who do not participate in Ranked Matches will not be affected by the MMR resetting practice during Rank Seasons.

Riot Games, the game development company behind the gaming and ranking systems has in fact made achieving ranks easier for LoL players during each season. A player’s new quest in taking on Ranked Matches is to win 3 games out of the 5 games previously required of a player in moving on to the next tier.

Accomplishments Coaches Strive to Achieve When Coaching LoL Players

League of Legends Giving players constant feedback pertaining to a player’s every game performance is a basic service rendered for purposes of :

Instilling good gaming habits, which a player must develop as second nature, to ensure consistency in playing the game in any role.

Improving and enhancing a player’s game play by developing and applying strategies that worked in similar situations and experiences. Skills development also includes accuracy of marksmanship, and precision in choosing Lanes.

Coaching must also involve raising a player’s awareness of the skills that are important to Team Fights, when strategies and techniques are applicable and when they’re not.

At the end of the day, a coach would have helped develop a seasoned League of Legends player who fully understands what the game is all about.