Understanding the Objectives of Minecraft’s Simple Block Graphic Design

Understanding the Objectives of Minecraft’s Simple Block Graphic Design

Understanding the Objectives of Minecraft’s Simple Block Graphic Design

Minecraft blocksSwedish programmer Markus Persson and designer of the original skyblock version,
previously wrote that he intentionally used basic graphic design. Mainly because the rules are easy so that players can enjoy boundless opportunities in creating amazing worlds out of block figures. Apparently, it’s the main reason why, up to this date, Skyblock remains as the top favourite among Minecraft players.

Minecraft grsssAlso the owner of Mojang Studio, Markus Persson, entrustedthe final touches of his Skyblock project to one of the designers at Mojang. Jens Bergensten. The latter did more than just tidy up the codes, he also conceptualised game mechanics that when incorporated in the game involved flowers, grasses and other elements of color. The elements were means of adding 16 additional colours to the game.

Bergensen actually described his concept as child-like as it gave players the free hand to craft what they want and not what they must do to achieve specific goals. Still, Bergensen added blocky aggressors like skeleton horsemen to make players aware of what could happen once their creation starts drawing attention.

Also, Minecraft gamers will be so taken with the graphic designs of their structures they will focus on building and collecting stuff that will encourage them to expand and explore other territories, particularly the Hub Island. The latter is the game’s trading place that offers players various blocks to use.

In 2014, after Persson and Bergensten received recognition as two of the most influential persons in the world, Microsoft made a move to acquire Minecraft Skyblock and the Mojang Studio for a hefty price of $2.5 billion. Persson left Mojang Studios, while leaving Bergensten behind as the main man-in-charge of Minecraft. In due time, Mojang’s Minecraft team became larger while the addition of other game modes and features happened and made Minecraft even more popular in the world of gaming.

Minecraft’s Evolution as a Popular Teaching Tool

In 2017, a Russian educator named Evgenii Permiakov began using the Minecraft game in demonstrating the concepts of mathematics and chemistry. This gave birth to the development and design of the Minecraft Education Edition that many classrooms across the globe came to use as teaching tools. Actually Permiakov set out to demonstrate the game’s potential use not only STEM subjects

As examples, the Russian instructor was quite imaginative in using Minecraft in a lesson about World War I. He instructed students to assume personas of soldiers, spies, nurses and regular people who lived in buildings and in trenches. While some of the children began to realise the adverse effects of war which they wrote in their diaries, they also found beneficial, the experience of learning how to solve problems collaboratively. Still, some students did not take the essence of the game seriously, as some children merely wanted to play by surviving and thriving as a Minecraft community resident.