Feeling Down? 10 Easy Ways to Get Your Creative Magic Back

Who, amongst creative professionals can say they have never had a creative block one time or another? Most likely, no one, as this is quite common within the field of creativity, for most of us are, faced with those days when productivity seems beyond reach. However, do not panic, there are ways we can overcome these dreaded periods of imaginative void, when even the most basic solutions seem unachievable. It is no good feeling depressed or discouraged, as many of us suffer from the same symptoms, so join the club.

The best way to overcome artistic blocks is to face the fact that they can pop up from time to time, and can be overcome with simple and straightforward solutions. Whichever your field of creation, be it a graphic designer, artist, photographer or similar, there is a successful solution round the corner that will help you get your creative spark back.

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Simply choose which tips suit your case amongst the following, and try them out. In no time, you will feel alive and ready to start again with new creative and productive ideas.

1. Believe in your Creative Capacities

It is important to keep your confidence up. The fact that you are experiencing a creative block does not mean you are not capable. We are humans, albeit creative ones and no one is perfect or can be programmed as a machine, especially artistic people. Keep believing in your talent and ability and feel confident that you can tackle issues as they arise, without feeling depressed. Regain self-confidence by reminding yourself of all the good work you have achieved so far, this will give you a new motivation charge.

2. Keep a Positive Attitude

Keep your mood positive and cheer yourself up by adding some distraction to your working hours. Tell yourself that you can do even better than you have done in the past. Give yourself higher expectations, as this will help you look positively at your future projects.

3. Look for Sources of Inspiration

If you really cannot think of any innovative ideas, then go and look for them. You can browse through other people’s work, either on the Internet or in magazines. Take a break and go to a library and check the design and art section, or leaf through professional magazines. As you assimilate other creative works, you will soon find your inspiration and new ideas resurfacing.

4. Take a Break Once You Have Got Through Some Work

Everyone deserves and needs to take a break, without a well-deserved pause you cannot possibly produce any more good work. Exercise is great for the body and mind if you have been in front of a computer screen for two hours running. You need to breathe in fresh air and move your limbs about. Exercise does wonders to the brain and invigorates your mind.

It is no use forcing yourself to remain glued to the screen if you cannot get your mind working properly. Stimulating the body and mind will get your creativity back in working order for the next design stage.

5. Distract Yourself and Hang Out With Friends

Taking a break can also mean distraction, such as hanging out with friends, or going to watch a movie, meeting up with a friend for coffee or lunch. Any form of exercise or distraction will help you replenish your lack of creativity.  Besides, friends can also be a great source of inspiration.

6. Try Helping Out Within Your Community

Helping others can really benefit your self confidence. Most of us, feel really good when we have helped a cause, or have been productive just for the benefit of helping. It is definitely a mood booster to assist others who have real problems, as we realize that ours are really not that dramatic at all. Helping others will help you regain a positive attitude.

7. Make Sure You do not Underestimate Stress

It is important to recognize and deal with stress immediately, as stress in our lives is one of the health hazards of our society. If you do not learn how to relax and disperse the stress you have accumulated, you cannot possibly work properly. If you delve deeper into your creative block, you will probably find that it is in conjunction with either personal problems or tensions, which are behind our loss of motivation. Deal with these first and learn to overcome any failed project or solve arguments and divergences, so you can pick up your positivity once more.

8. Relax Both Body and Mind

If you are getting nowhere with your work, the best solution is, do not work at all. Turn off all electrical and electronic appliances, and lie down to relax, either at home or out in the fresh air. Void your mind of the digital buzz of computers and simply relax. Once you have replenished your mind you will feel invigorated and ready to start again.

9. Challenge your Abilities

It is important to progress in the creativity niche. Set yourself more complicated and challenging tasks. Do not simply carry out the usual ones you are now fully acquainted with. A designer’s mind needs inspiration and new horizons.

10. Try Out Something Completely Different

Why not work on something completely new, and challenge yourself by trying out another facet of creative designing. Sometimes if you go further afield, you can find some more inspiring outlets.



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