Learn How To Create Dramatic 3D Valentine Text Effect

Hey guys, as you know people all over the world are celebrating love this month and we at WebSoulz are trying to share our love for web designing and text effect tutorials with our wonderful users. So, once again I’m here with another treat in the form of a 3D valentine love text effect tutorials. I’m going to show you how to make this text effect and with that you’ll get amazing wallpaper of that same effect which I’m sure you’ll enjoy very much.

So without wasting more time with words about text effect tutorials, let’s create this dramatic 3D valentine text effect.

You can get the full sized HD wallpaper from here.


Let’s have a look at the final image before going ahead with the tutorial.


text effect tutorials

Requirement: Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5
Time: 25 to 30 minutes
Level: Basic


Let’s start by opening up the new document (1000px X 800px) in Illustrator.

text effect tutorials


Select the font (I’ve selected Myriad Pro) and type “I” and make the size 339.56pt with a light grey color and cancel the stroke. You can see the name of the color in the picture given below.

text effect tutorials


Now go to Effect, select 3D and then choose Extrude and bevel Options and make the setting according to the image given below. Extrude depth will be 50pt and Bevel is Rounded with height 4pt. I’ve used 3 lights see the setting in the picture below.

text effect tutorials


Now type “L” with the same color and size as if “I”. And again go to the effect, select 3D and choose Extrude and Bevel Options. Set the position of the “L” according to the picture given. Make the other settings according to the image shown below.

text effect tutorials


Repeat the process with the letter “O” this time. Same color, size and 3D position according to the image given below.

text effect tutorials


Same process will be repeated for the letter “V”. Set the position according to the picture given.

text effect tutorials


Now we will do the same for letter “E”. See image below for settings.

text effect tutorials


Now same goes for letter “U”. Note the setting from the picture given below.

text effect tutorials


Now you’ll have the 3D text “I LOVE U” in grey like the picture shown below.

text effect tutorials


Okay now we are going to bring some color and more dimension to this text. Select the letter “I” and copy it by going to Edit and paste it in place. Now scale it a bit smaller than the original “I” and select the color red from the swatches. Cancel the stroke for this one also.

text effect tutorials


Same process will be repeated for the rest of the letters and then you’ll have something like the image shown below. Select all letters in the text and go to “Object” and click on the “Group” to use it easily in the future.

text effect tutorials


Okay now our text part is complete. So now we’re going to decorate it and for that I’ve used a 3D geometric 4 illustrator brush. It’s a 3D square scatter brush. I have clicked the brush several times haphazardly to make the impression of rubble as you can see in the picture below. I’ve made the text invisible to show you the 3D rubble clearly.

text effect tutorials


To make more interesting and to give this a Valentine’s Day look I have used another illustrator brush in the shape of heart with pink color and made little hearts on the rubble bricks or squares and also scattered them around. You can control the size with making the stroke big or small. I have use 1pt to 0.75pt sizes for hearts as you can see in the image below.

text effect tutorials


Now place the text on this rubble of squares and hearts by going to Object, select Arrange and choose “Bring to front”.

text effect tutorials


Now you have the text effect as shown below in the image.

text effect tutorials


Now let’s go to the Photoshop and add a stunning background to give our text effect more drama. So, to do that, open up a fresh layer of 1600x1200px.

text effect tutorials


Now we are going to fill this layer with the Angle Gradient of 3 colors from left to right, red (f4061c)-maroon (450207)-black (000000).

text effect tutorials


Now select the Angle Gradient and click on the center of the layer and drag the pointer to the right lower corner of the page. Now you’ll have a background like the picture shown below.

text effect tutorials


Now open up the text effect, copy it and place it on our working layer. Scale it down according to the background layer and place it as shown below.

text effect tutorials


Now right click on the text layer, choose the Blending Options and the select Drop shadow. Make the setting as shown in the image below with 100% Opacity.

text effect tutorials


Now select Bevel & Emboss and note the image below for the settings.

text effect tutorials

Now our Dramatic Valentine’s Day ILOVEU text effect is complete.

text effect tutorials

Hope you have fun making text effect tutorials of your own. Do share your views and thoughts about text effect tutorials with me by commenting  in the box below.



  1. Enrique /

    great post! Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome tutorial man!

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    This is a very good way to learn something in a very simple way while u sitting at home on your system…….. its really very nice…….keep it up

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    Great post!

  5. This is so rocking, I simply love the the 3Dness of the whole thing. Great effect!

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