How To Make A Great Looking Movie Poster

The movie industry generates a lot of money, with great new films like Avatar and The Dark Knight. Popular movies can make a lot of money, and many movies rival Facebook’s money making abilities.
If you are releasing a film, there is a lot riding on your ability to market successfully. Movie posters are one of the best ways to advertise your latest feature. This article will discuss some tips for making a movie poster that works well to draw people’s attention.

Get people’s attention

If you want to turn your advertising dollars into sales, you have to follow a simple formula to grab people’s attention. You need interest, attention, action, and desire.  Many people have made great movie ads, and used these feature to do so.
You do not always have to grab people’s attention with a stunning graphic or photograph. However, using one generally grabs attention well. Try to find something unique that will grab attention.


Many popular movie posters use iconic images to create a lasting impression with the audience. You should try to find something which tells people about a film’s theme, without giving too much information about the story.
In order to create an iconic poster you need to use images. It might be a close up shot of an item or a character, or even some sort of graphic. You can draw a lot of attention if you make an iconic movie poster.

Create interest surrounding your film

If you cannot use icons, or imagery which is abstract, use another sort of image to get your point across. You want to put your viewers’ right into the action of a film, or a tension filled section. A lot of the greatest new movie posters use this technique to entice people to see their film.

Creating appeal for your film

Movie studios understand that the Die hard fans are probably going to see a new film, no matter if the reviews are good or not. This tends to happen a lot with adaptations of comic books, which fall short of many people’s hopes.

Adding style

It does not matter which type of film you are trying to market, you need to use style. Many popular movie posters are bold, are unique, and have a good sense of style. If you are going to add a sense of style into your movie poster, try to make in consistent with the style of your movie. This will create a more fluid feeling experience for the viewer, and give the film an edge over others.

Recognition for sequels

It seems that there are always new sequels being released. While some are very good, many just do not stand up to the original films. However, many of the highest grossing films in the world have been sequels, so you have to know how to market them properly.  You should make sure that people know that your film is a sequel right away. If people can identify your new movie poster with older posters, and older films, they will pay more attention to your posters.




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