Create a Gorgeous Holiday Greeting Card in Illustrator

All you designers out there must be busy in creating your amazing artworks for the festive season about to come. Whether it’s a greeting card, wallpaper or a holiday advertisement, it’s the demand of the season. That’s why I thought of creating a gorgeous greeting card, which I am going to share with you.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a cute Christmas card in Illustrator from scratch. You will learn how to create individual elements in detail by using pen tool; various shape tools, shape builder tool, different options in the effect and object menu. Hopefully, you will learn some handy Illustrator tips for creating your festive artworks, so let’s get started!


Wisdom Script AI Font

Honey Script Font

Final result:

Step 1

Create a new document in illustrator with 500px width and 500px height.

Christmas card

Step 2

Firstly, we’ll create the background. Pick white fill color and select the Rectangle Tool (“M”). Now click the canvas to view the rectangle window and enter 500px for width and height to cover the entire canvas with a white rectangle. Label it as “Frame”.

Christmas card

Select this rectangle by clicking the ring-shaped target present at right side of respective layer and go to “Object”> “Transform”> “Scale”. Enter 94% in the uniform scale and make sure to hit “Copy” to get a new rectangle.

Christmas card

 Step 3

Select the new rectangle and change its fill color to #9EB7A8. Label it as “Background”.

Christmas card

Step 4

Next, we’ll create snow. Create a new layer by clicking the icon of “Create New Layer” at the bottom of layers panel. Now pick #ECE3D5 fill color and select the Pen Tool (“P”) to roughly draw the snow.

Christmas card

To confine the snow within the background, select the snow and background layers. Now pick the Shape Builder Tool (Shift + “M”) and take the tool over the area of snow outside the background, you will notice a change in its appearance, now hit “Alt” key to delete it.

Christmas card

Draw front snow with white fill similarly.

Christmas card

Step 5

Next, we’ll create a simple tree vector. Pick the Pen Tool (“P”) to draw the tree shapes and change their fill color one by one according to the shades shown below. Label it as “Base”.

Christmas card

Step 6

Click the Base layer and choose “Duplicate Base” option from the fly-out menu present at top right corner of layers panel. Hide the Base tree for now. Working on the copy, bring the green shape layers closer using Selection Tool (“V”). After that, select the green shapes and give them 1pt white stroke as shown below.

Christmas card

Step 7

Now you just have to make few copies, scale and arrange them over the snow.

Christmas card

Step 8

Unhide the Base tree now and add few Christmas balls over it by drawing simple ellipses. After that, pick the Star Tool and hit the canvas to view its window. Enter the given values here to draw a star. Give it #F8ED31 fill color and place it at top of the tree.

Christmas card

Step 9

Next, we’ll add the text to the card. Pick the Type Tool (“T”) and type in the text. I’ve used “Wisdom Script AI” and “Honey Script” fonts here. Font details and colors used are shown below.

Christmas card

Step 10

We’ll create few Christmas balls now. Pick #F16861 fill color and draw an ellipse using Ellipse Tool. Select it and go to “Window”> “Appearance”. Now select the fill attribute in the appearance panel and click the icon of “Duplicate selected item” at the bottom of the panel. Pick “USGS 8B Intermit. Pond” pattern as the 2nd fill and change its blending mode to “Screen” with 80% opacity. You can find this pattern by going to “Window”> “Swatch Libraries”> “Patterns”> “Basic Graphics”> “Basic Graphics-Textures”. Now select the ball and go to “Effect”> “Stylize”> “Inner Glow”. Apply given settings here.

Christmas card

Step 11

Pick #E6E7E8 fill color and draw the shape shown below using Pen Tool (“P”). Now draw an elongated ellipse below the previous shape. Make its fill color to none and give it a 1pt gray stroke. Select the loop and go to “Object”> “Expand” to covert the stroke into shape.

Christmas card

Step 12

Now make the string using Pen Tool (“P”), give it a 0.5 pt stroke.

Christmas card

Hang the Christmas ball to any letter by making the loop in two parts as shown below.

Christmas card

Step 13

Once you are done, duplicate the ball few times and play with these copies to give them a different look and hang them over the letters as you like.

Christmas card

Step 14

Next, we’ll draw a Christmas stocking. Draw the following shapes using pen and ellipse tools. To delete the area of ellipses outside the sock use Shape Builder Tool (Shift + “M”) the same way as used in step4.

Christmas card

Step 15

To make pattern over the sock, select the Pen Tool (“P”) and draw a wavy path using 1pt white stroke. Select it and go to “Object”> “Expand” to convert the stroke into shape. Duplicate it few times and arrange as shown below. After that, select the pattern and sock layer and delete the parts outside the sock using Shape Builder Tool (Shift + “M”).

Christmas card

Now apply same “Inner Glow” settings on the sock layer as applied on the Christmas balls in step10 and make strings to hang it to the letters. You can make few copies and arrange them as you like.

Christmas card

Step 16

Next, we’ll create snowflakes. Select the Pen Tool (“P”) to make a vertical and v-shaped stroke. Make a copy of v-shaped stroke and position it a bit downwards. After that, select both the strokes and go to “Object”> “Transform”> “Reflect” to reflect them around horizontal axis. Make sure to click the copy option and place the copies as shown here.

Christmas card

Select all the strokes and go to “Object”> “Transform”> “Rotate”. Enter 120⁰ angle and make sure to hit “Copy”. Repeat the same process with the copy also.

Christmas card

Step 17

You can try different types of snowflakes just by making the first sequence, followed by rotating its copies twice at 120⁰. Now place the snowflakes over the canvas after resizing.

Step 18

Next, we’ll create few sparkles. Draw a small white ellipse, select it and go to “Effect”> “Distort & Transform”> “Pucker & Bloat”. Apply given settings for “Pucker & Bloat” and go to “Object” > “Expand Appearance” to modify the shape.

Christmas card

Make few copies of sparkle and arrange them in the gapes. Also add few simple stars using different fill colors.

Step 19

Lastly, we’ll create the snow in the background. Double-click the Blob Brush Tool and apply given settings here. Place dots on two different layers with 2pt and 4pt brush sizes.

Christmas card

Step 20

Now select the larger dots layer and go to “Effect”> “Blur”> “Gaussian Blur”. Apply 7px Gaussian blur effect on it and decrease its opacity to 30%. And then select the smaller dots layer and apply 4px Gaussian blur effect on it.

That’s it guys, hope you enjoyed the tutorial. I would love to hear from you. Happy holidays!

Download the Source File at Graphicsoulz!



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