Web Directories: Traffic Booster or Not?

You should know how to start a website and traffic is the key to success to online business. Your online appearance creates a relationship to million people which can possibly provide you what you desire. A question always comes into existence in the mind of online business organizer that how to start a website and what is the best way to drive the traffic to my website.

Can the web directories still perform that well? People have different views about the web directories depending on their own marketing strategies. You can’t decide what is right or wrong, on the basis of different opinions. What you have to do is to know the pros and cons of the web directories if driving traffic to your website really means to you.

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Web Directory: An Introduction

Web directory, is a resource specializing the links of the websites on World Wide Web. It is not a search engine, which helps user to find the content based on keywords while it includes the list of website based on category. The categories are limited in quantity and sites have to be included in them. These categories are formed on the basis of whole website instead of a single page or keywords. Web directories allow the site owner to submit their site for inclusion.

Purpose of Web Directory:

What the web directories can do for you is that they drive traffic to the website and boost the ranking of your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing etc. people use the web directory to find out the list of websites which belongs to a specific category. Although the list category may be different, so it takes a long time to create a list especially for you and you may have to deal with it. It’s the part of learning how to start a website.

Search engine provides a short list of the quality content which is based on the keywords search. While the web directories provides a list of the specific category asked by users in which they have interest. So they can find a lot of stuff regarding to their interest.

If you have to include your site to a web directory then you have to choose a few words to specialize your site to get quality traffic. For example, if you have a site regarding to musical instruments then you have to choose the keywords such as music or entertainment and this is how you’ll get some relevant traffic from search engines and find the visitors interested in music or entertainment. But if you specify your site by some other keywords such as designing then you’ll get different audience.

Web Directory VS Search Engine:

Web directories also create the back links for the search engine optimization (SEO). This is the way they create the ranking list of the websites. As compared to the Earline years or we can say after the up-gradation of search engines, value of web directories has reduced. Search engines were not that effective at that time as they are now. So users had to move towards web directories to find out the desirable content. Then, search engine algorithm changed and started to provide efficacious results. Now days, web directories are not that effective. Some people still use the web directories. Some of the web directories create still the trusted back links, but they are not as much informative as they were.

Smaller directories are more active than larger one. But it is not possible to any site owner to submit site information to every small directory. After all, these small directories do not even provide a large traffic to your site.

How to use the web directories:

1. Always check the page rank and Alexa of directory.
2. Keep distance from link exchange and go for only one way links.
3. Be suspicious about the paid listing as search engines hate it.
4. Specify the category with deliberation
5. Submit the site manually to every directory instead of using automated tools.

These are the few pointers on knowing how to start a website and then keep it going. If you are interested in using web directories, then always prefer the most high ranking ones else it is not worth.



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