Want Some mellifluous Comments of Readers?

When people visit any one of the articles on design and see lots of comments on the post then it makes them feel that the article is worth reading. Comments act like motivator and it allows you to feel like you’re doing something good. These blog comments help you to get a bit more visits of people as they can come back to see what’s going on after the commented. They link you through many websites.

When people comment on your social media referrals (on Facebook, Twitter etc.) of your post then you can get some new visitors as their friends can see their recent activities. That’s why everyone needs comment on their blogs/posts. But always try to kill the spam comments. Spam comments may include- “Nice” , “Awesome” , “Wow” , ” Thanks” etc. comments.

What You Have to Do?

There are some certain things you need to do when you write articles on design or on other topics for your blog:

•    The Way You write

“Writing is freedom” doesn’t mean that you can write whatever you want to. Writing is more cryptic than that. You have to understand the audience, and then choose the topic accordingly. Adapt the changes in writing on the basis of what are you going to write.

It should be kept in mind, that always try to write something original and unique rather than rewriting. Because rewritten content defeats the function of writing. Do not end the topic totally finished. Leave the way for the readers to research and make discussion at their own.

•    Verbal Skills

If you want to make your articles on design enjoyable, then try to add some spice in your content. If your article is totally serious then it might be taxing to the people. Being too humorous can force people to think that is this a design blog? You need to share both the verbal skills. If you don’t then people won’t even read your article completely and forget about the comments. This will make them comfortable to read as well as enjoy.

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•    Ease to commentate

Some blogs asks you to log-in via Facebook or Twitter to leave a comment on their blog. Some asks to write down the emails or websites to enter in the comment section. It makes the reader more annoying when they see the CAPTCHA. So try to make it simple for people to comment on the blog. Always leave the choice to anonymous to get more and more comments.

•    Respond to every commenter

Try to build the relationship with the readers by replying them on the time. This can make a good impression on them and they’d love to visit your blog again. This can double the number of comments and more people can be attracted to the blog.

•    Organize a quiz for readers and list the top commenters

You can host a quiz or a game for the readers. This will make them to read the whole article carefully. Top commenters should be listed at different position according to their views. You can list your recent comments or winners in your article.

•    Subscribe to comments

Always subscribe the comment feed to get the updates about what’s going on and get involved in the conversation. With the help of this you can avoid the moderation of the comments by readers as you can delete the comments instantly if necessary.

•    Let the reader edit their comment

It feels bad when you post a comment on any blog and forget to add something but it’s late. You should always allow the reader to edit their comment if they misspell or forget to add something what’s on their mind.

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Personally, I love to read the comments of the readers and involve in them. These makes the things clear and build a strong relationship between reader and blogger. A healthy feedback on your articles on design or any other topic is what keeps a writer striving for best.



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