Things About Logo Designing And Branding You Must Know

Designing a logo is not for everyone especially when branding is concerned. The logo of a company is its image and branding is the way in which the logo is used to create an image at the public. However, in both cases, five factors are of great importance.


The first important factor is committing research. In branding and designing a logo for a company, at least the target group must be known. This can only be determined by doing extensive research. A logo and brand must be recognized by the correct target group; they must feel related to it. Another element that is researched is the marketing strategy of the company you are designing the logo for. The logo is the image of the company, its identity.


logo design

What’s in a name?

As was stated above, the logo and brand need to be recognized by the correct target group. But next to the visual part, the name of the logo and/or company is also of utmost importance. A strong name, even without the logo, will be recognized and remembered. A complex or hard to pronounce brand name will not draw attention, while a short and easy to pronounce name will do so. Here also, the marketing strategy is important. The name must reflect the goals and strategy of the company.

Trust of the public

The first impression of a logo and brand must be very good, so it will be remembered. A good designed logo will ensure the trust of the public. If the logo is shown and recognized, this will build more trust than when it is not clear to which company the logo belongs to.

logo design

Uniqueness of the logo

A logo must of course not resemble another logo or brand. For the best results, the logo and the branding need to be unique. The logo must be distinct from others. The logo needs to have a large impact on the public straight from the beginning. Distinct features can be added later.

The details of the logo

As was stated above, distinct features can be added after the main design of the logo. There is one principle to remember related to this issue: KISS: keep it simple and stupid. The details can be changed by using typography, color, shape, and scale. The use of certain types of letters can determine the amount of attention that is given to the logo. The color is also a feature that can be changed easily.

Bright colors will draw more attention than less saturated colors. The shape of the logo is also something to be remembered. A logo with a distinct shape will be remembered more easily than when having a more daily shape. Finally, the scale of the logo is important. A greater logo can draw attention, but if it is too large, it can also be disturbing to the public.

logo design


As can be concluded from the above, five factors are very important when designing a logo and in branding. If these factors are taken into account, the logo will have more chance on being recognized and remembered by the public in general and the correct target group more specifically, than when these factors are not applied.



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