There are alternative browsers

While your browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome appear to take up most of the market on the internet having taken over the market share from Internet Explorer, there are several alternatives available should you wish to try them out. Actually, it’s a good idea to check them out as they could provide you with a new approach to browsing. Some of them are social net work integrated, and in this day and age it could be the way you wish to go. Social media and networking seem to take up a large part of people’s lives nowadays.

Taking a look at a few of the available browsers one of the ones I looked at was Sunrise.


This is an open source browser aimed at the Mac operating system. It is a very interesting concept and a totally new way of looking at browsers. One thing I was disappointed with was the fact that none of their graphics indicated in text what it was about. They really need to address this as it means people with sight impairments can’t “see” it in voice. It looks like a very interesting innovation, but I could see several places where it needs improvement.  As it is Open Source, they are looking for help from anyone who cares to contribute.

The second one I looked at was Sea Monkey.

This uses a lot of the Mozilla source code, and once again it’s a community project. It is aimed at being an all encompassing suite for the internet. By this I mean it wants to be your browser, an email project with an HTML editor, a RSS feed and have a host of web dev. Tools. It is available in English and several other languages.

Lunascape is yet another browser which is also available for the iPhone.

Its claim to fame amongst other is that it has a triple engine. It is compatible with a lot of the Firefox add-ons and you can see three different pages side by side with the triple engine.  While this ability is great if comparing sites it does mean you have to either have a very large screen or the text has to be small otherwise you need to scroll across.  It is, however, a very useful feature for a web designer.

Slimbrowser is aimed at Windows 7 users.

It is very fast and is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit machines. It is a fairly new browser as it was produced by Flash Peak.Inc in 2010. Flash Peak is based in Austin Texas.

Another windows browser is Midori.

This again is an Open Source project. It seems lightweight and pretty fast.  You are able to customize it for your use. You can use it for both Linux and Windows.

Lastly, I looked at another open source model called Camino.

This needs a Mac to work properly. It has a lot of features that are useful like a malware blocker and also shows you how to transfer over from Firefox with all your data should you decide to move across. It enables you to block flash animations and things like pop ups.



  1. Excellent article. Though no matter how many additions chip in, IE being the first one there would have an edge. I wonder on validity of articles putting firefox or Safari browsers a same level as that of IE.

    Good work, very informative. Thanks Shaina

  2. Nancey /

    Great article man.


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