The Days of E-mail Contact are not Over Yet

The boom of social media marketing has become so present within strategic marketing plan of all websites that the traditional tools once so popular, such as website development and email addresses are becoming obsolete.

Nowadays, people do not bother exchanging messages through their email addresses they simply keep in contact directly through Twitter and Facebook. The distinctive “at” symbol is slowly but surely being replaced by Twitter names, and this could seriously damage the branding of a business, as emails can still provide a strong channel through which to influence potential clients.

Emails Do Need a Renovation

The email system has been present on the Internet for some time now and it is losing its attraction, when compared to the more stimulating social media platforms, which allow for interaction between users. Groups like Facebook and Twitter have also become world renowned and are being used as major advertising campaigns.

email marketing

Hence, emails are viewed as a bit old fashioned by businesses that wish to launch products or services on the web, and is missing in tangibility and interactivity, this is why it is fundamental to reshape the concept of email marketing for this system to regain lost ground.

Emails are Taken for Granted

Another reason for the loss of popularity is that emails have no market value in as they do not attract as many users as it should be. The reason for this stagnancy is that emails are being taken for granted, as it has always been a method of communication and will be always be there when we need it.

Email is Missing out on the Group Sharing Concept

Emails are mostly used for individual relationships, for although it can be used as email blasts they are generally meant for private messaging. Social media networks work quite the opposite way, as information and postings are shared with much larger groups, from tens to thousands with just one message. An email you send to someone will not receive such a widespread broadcasting as a message posted through Twitter or Facebook.

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Emails Still Remain Faithful to Users

Although many users signup to several social media networks, everyone still has one or more active and personal email address they regularly use. An email address will identify you when you register to these social networks or any other website you sign up with, so you need an email address to be recognized.

Emails Remain a Valuable Marketing Tool

Statistics and research have come up with figures proving that email marketing is still a strong generator of profit. The number of potential customers still actively exchange emails with businesses as it creates a more personal relationship in the customer help awareness, and clients feel more confident when they are personally contacted.

Emails Effectively Fight Against Spamming

Email addresses set up specific algorithms and strategies to deal with unwanted mail, thus providing a safer place for users to exchange messages and files, while social networks are unsafe as far as scammers are concerned as they are easily accessible to everyone, so much so that users are no longer paying attention to what is said and are starting to view this system as doubtful.

email marketing

This leaves us with the doubt that a system which allows the flooding of advertisements and similar marketing strategies may in the long run become totally ineffective.


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