Learn How To Make Photorealistic Price Tag In Photoshop

Hi guys, I’m back after a long break. As you know we have been busy with the launch of our new resource site about which you’ll all know very soon. There are a lot of new and exciting stuff coming up so stay tuned. Coming back to out today’s tutorial, Design and graphics now a days are sharper, clearer and clean cut. Everything is about giving your user great experience. Everyday there are new online stores, e-commerce is the topic of the day so I thought why not create something realistic and useful in that regard.

So today, we are going to create a very photo-realistic price tag in our very own Photoshop.

Requirements: Just your basic Photoshop skills :)

Font: Big Noodle Titling

Program: Photoshop CS6

Time: 40-45 min

Now before we start our tutorial let’s have a look at the final image.

Now lets get started!


Start your Photoshop and open up a new document 800x800px.

Price tag


Now select the pen tool and create the shape shown below in the given image with color # c09d77.

Price tag


Now add anchor points and give the corners a round shape as shown below.



Now we are going to punch a hole in the tag and to do that  create a new layer. Select ellipse tool with the same color # c09d77 and make a circle on the tag shape as shown below.



Now select both layer (first tag shape and circle) by clicking on first then press shift and circle layer. Now go to Layer -> Combine shape-> Subtract the front shape.

Price tag


There you have a hole in our tag shape.



Now we will add rough paper texture to our tag. To do that Press Ctrl + <click on the tag layer> to make selection around it and create a new layer. Fill the selected area with the same color as our tag # c09d77. Now go to the Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise.

Price tag


Set the amount and distribution as shown below.


Now we will add drop shadow to our tag shape.

Price tag


Select rounded rectangle to create a rounded rectangle  on the tag. However, this rounded rectangle is dashed to give it a style. To create dash effect on the rounded rectangle empty the Fill and set the stroke 1.24pt and select the dash stroke from the stroke options with color # 362f2d. Now create the dashed rounded rectangle on the tag as shown below.



Now we will give our dashed rectangle an inner embossed look and to do that go to blending options by right click on the layer and select Drop shadow. But for the shadow we’ll use color white #ffffff with opacity 31%. See the rest of the settings in the image given below.

Price tag


Its time to give our punched hole a plastic ring to give it a neatness. For that select ellipse tool, empty its fill and select stroke 7.06pt with color #76726f .



Now go to blending options by right click on the ring layer. Select Bevel and emboss, see the settings for it in the image shown below.


Check on the contour and set the range 50%.


Now to give it a drop shadow effect select the stroke 1px with color black #000000. See the rest of the settings below.


There you have the clear shape with plastic ring.

Price tag


In this step we’ll create the rope through the ring. Select pen tool and make a loop with color # 745029. Empty the Fill and set the stroke 2.99pt.



Go to blending options by right click on the rope layer and select Bevel & Emboss. See the settings below in the given image.

Price tag

Now check the texture and set the Herringbone 2 texture with scale set at 87% and depth +432% to give our rope a weave look.

Price tag

Now we will add drop shadow. See the settings below in the given image.

Price tag

There you have it.

Price tag


Now we’ll add text to our tag. select the type tool with Big noodle titling font and color # 222526. Type the best deal and limited offer in the size 20pt and 35% off in the 40pt as shown below.

Price tag


its time for the code bar. To make the code bar select rectangle tool and make a vertical rectangle with color # bdbfbe. Make another empty rectangle with black stroke on the grey rectangle as shown below.

Price tag


Select calibri and type a few numbers below the empty rectangle.

Price tag


to make the bars select rectangle tool and make strips in different widths with black color. Make a group of all these bars.

Price tag


Press ctrl + t to select the group and set these bars in the empty rectangle.

Price tag


Set the code bar on the tag. there you have a very realistic complete price tag.

Price tag

Now add a simple background pattern to the tag and its done. Hope you guys enjoyed it!



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