Learn how to create a yummy Chocolate Text Effect

Hi guys, welcome to this new amazing tasty tutorial and I am sure it is going to be interesting for you.  If you have some little brothers or sisters, they are going to love it very much. To see your names written in chocolate (Specially if you are crazy about chocolates like me:). So, here is an attractive and mouthwatering tutorial for you guys.  Follow along as it is going to be a bit tricky, but I will guide you properly don’t worry. However, before we start we need some yummy images 1,2,3,4.

Now let’s have a look at the final results:-

Chocolate text effect

Step 1

Create a new document with a size of 1024width and 768 height.

Step 2

Now you are ready to type your text.  I have used the following text settings for this tutorial you can write the same text, or can use your desired text here. I’ve used Danube, Regular, with 98 size and color #000000. And make it bold.

Step 3

Now make a copy of the main text layer by pressing CMD/Ctrl+j while selecting the layer or you can right click on the layer and select “Duplicate Layer”. Change the text color of the lower layer to #a04b00 and adjust its position a little lower than the main text as shown in the picture below.

Now hide the lower text layer (by pressing the little eye icon on the left side of the text layer in layers panel)

Step 4

In this step we will bring in the pictures which were downloaded earlier. Now open these in Photoshop and then drag them one by one to our current document.

Step 5

In this step I will rename the layers so you can follow me more easily.

1.       Rename, the top most layer (1) and the second layer (2).

2.       Now convert these two (1 and 2) layers to smart object (right click on the layer in the layers panel and then convert to smart object).

Here is the preview of the document now.

Step 6

Ok guys, from here the real fun begins, now we have to give the chocolate look to our text using our yummy images.


First of all, hide the upper text layer and unhide the lower one.


Now hide the number 2 layer (means the layer which was renamed as 2).


Lower the opacity of the 1 layer to 60%.


Place it over the text in such a way that the chocolate part covers the half of the area of the text check the picture.


Now CMD/Ctrl+click on the displayed text layer in the layers panel to select this layer.


You got to be attentive for this part. Now click on the “1” layer in the layer panel then pressing and holding the shift key now click the little mask icon at the bottom of the layers panel.


This will create a layer mask for this layer, NOW, increase the opacity of this layer to 100%, and now you should have something like that.


Now duplicate this layer, delete the layer mask and lower the opacity again to 60% and move the chocolate part of the picture towards the right to cover the remaining part of the text with the chocolate.


Now repeat the same 6, 7 and 8 steps above for this layer to make it same as the previous one.

Now you should have this result.

Step 7

In this step we are going to make it more chocolaty by using the second yummy picture.

First of all, move the “2” layer on the top and lower the opacity to 60%, now your layer panel should look like this( I have also increased the “2” picture size by transforming so it can cover the first two arms of the  W.

step 7a

Now repeat the masking technique again as it was performed on the “1” layer. Copy this layer and now move it to the right side and mask it again(by CMD/Ctrl+click on the w text layer in the layer panel), and increase the opacity of these two layers to100% , get help from the following picture( I have encircled the faulty part of the picture which we are going to fix now).

Text effect tutorial

Step 8

To clear this faulty area, we will be using the brush too on the mask. Make your settings similar to mine. Now select the top layer mask as shown below.

CMD/Ctrl+click on the mask again to make selection. Now select the brush tool from the tool bar and make its settings similar to the picture given below.

Text effect tutorial

Now use the brush on the white surface on the left arm of the w, and you will see that the white surface is being replaced by the chocolate one make it as perfect as you can and try to achieve the results as shown below.

Step 9

In this part we will make the upper text layer chocolate like so the W gives a 3D chocolate type look. First, bring the hidden W text layer on the top and make it unhide, you should have the following results.

Text effect tutorial

Now, repeat all the steps which were used to make a chocolate from the lower layer. And try to get similar results to this.

Step 10

At this time you may be thinking, man! Where is that milk which you have shown in the preview picture? don’t worry this is the step where you would be adding milk to this chocolate. Now Import the milk image to Photoshop file and convert it to smart object. Then place it over the “W”. It will look something like this one here and you will say “Hey, I wasn’t looking for this”, but don’t worry, we are going to fix it.

Now create a layer mask at the milk layer and decrease its size by using the transform tool. Now use the exact same settings of the brush as were used before and then lower its size to about 100 px. Slightly use the brush (layer mask of the milk layer should be selected while using the brush) on the corners of the milk to give it this look.

Step 11

Now repeat this milk layer and spread it on the W on different places to give it a natural look and don’t forget to use the brush to adjust the appearance of the milk and try to get this shape.

Quick Tip:- while using the brush if you press the X key on the key board the brush will do the reverse effect i.e. it will start to make the things unhide which were previously hidden by it and vice versa. So one time you use the brush on the mask and if the things got too much fade then you can use the “x” key to go back word.

Step 12

Now for the background I’ll use the image mention above. Then I’ll add some gradient to our background. For this click on Layer> Layer style> Gradient overlay. And Select the brown gradient and opacity is 60%. Keep the gradient settings same as below.

Text effect tutorial

So now we have something like the image below.

Step 13

Now we done but just to finish it off I’ll create a reflection effect. For this simply select all the layers we used in creating our “W”. Make sure you select only “W” layers. To select the layers click on the top layer while pressing down our shift key and then click on the last layer we use in creating our “W”. By doing this all the layers regarding “W” effect will be selected. Now we’ll create a separate group of the selected layers. So click on Layer> Group layer while our layers are selected. Now we have a group with our our “W” layers. Now Right Click on the group and select “Duplicate group”.  So we can have another W. Now click on Edit> Free Transform.

Now right click on the “W” and click on “Flip Vertical’.

Text effect tutorial

Now reduce the opacity of our second “W” to 60%. And we are done.

Text effect tutorial

Step 14

Now just for the decoration I’ve used a frame. For this click on “Custom shape tool”and select frame from the list. Then fill it with #ffffff and reduce the opacity to 80%.  And now our yummy text effect is done.

Text effect tutorial

So this was the end if this mouthwatering tutorial, hope you liked it. Thanks for checking out this tutorial. I’ll be back with some other new and cool tutorials. You can also download the original PSD of this tutorial. By simply clicking the Download button below. Thanks

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