Importance of Images In Your Articles on Design

They say” A picture is worth a thousand words” and sometimes it really is true when you post your articles on design in your blogs. Nothing can elaborate your point than a visual image. It is really interesting to read a book with lots of picture whether it is fictional or nonfictional.

If you add images to your content, no doubt, your article get extra richness. They increase the temperament of the reader to read a long article. A picture is full of words and when it is added to some content, it depicts more than text.

Resources of images for your content

Internet is full of all kind of images. It is to select an image for your articles on design and other contents, but it is a little difficult to find the best pic for your content and after all it takes time. Here are some tips which will make the image selection very easy and less time consuming.

Catchy and Tricky Photography

Following are the huge sources of the photography which will catch your eyeballs.

•    Flickr’s Advanced Search- As all of the internet users are familiar with Flickr. I am sure you’ll get a lot of attractive and catchy images. What you have to do is to select the best suitable image for your content.
•    iStockphoto- If you can’t find what you are looking for through Flickr, then you can visit some websites like iStockphoto where you can buy a photo to use in your content writing.

You can even use your search engines like Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo! to search for perfect images for your article. But nothing is better than above two. Keep in mind that you have to use a creative common licensed photo in your articles on design and content. If you find a photo and it isn’t creative common licensed photo then you have to send a mail to the owner of photo and there is a great probability of getting response.
People Photos

If you need to include the photo of a person in your content, you can simply email them with the positive reviews of the content in which they are being listed. They’ll accommodate happily. Other resources to grab a photo may be-

•    The social media networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
•    Their bio page on their blog or website.
•    If they have commented at any post with their website.
•    If the person has authored a book or an eBook.
•    The person is listed already in a list with his bio.

articles on design


Screenshots play main role in the articles where list is being created. Many software are available in the market which might help you to get the screen captures. Here is how to screenshot-

•    Windows based PCs- In windows based PCs, you have to simply depend on the Print Screen button on your keyboard to take a screenshot. You can further edit the image with the help of some image editors. Gimp is free image editor.
Windows also has a snipping tool which is used to capture the screen but the difference is of the quality of screenshot. Snipping tool produces poor quality screenshots.
•    Mac OS based Machines- If you are using a Mac, you can rely on the shortcuts like Command-Shift-3 to click a screenshot and it’ll be saved to the desktop. You can even save to the clipboard using Command-Control-Shift-3. Gimp can be used in Mac too.
•    Online Screenshots- If you are using a browser like Safari and want to capture a screenshot of a webpage then don’t worry. Safari also has an option of screenshot which will be saved in .png or .jpg formats. Safari works on both Windows and Mac as well. These screenshots can be edited further.

articles on design

Now get ready to select the best images for your articles on design and other content and enhance the quality and richness of your post.



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