Ideas for Original Logo Designs

A logo is notably one of the most important elements within a website and styles and ideas have rapidly evolved in this area, what with the evolving graphical and digital applications that provide great tools for the creation of effective logos. Logos symbolize and represent a company and should immediately present to the readers what the company is all about.

Although web designers continue to work on new and original ideas with logos, many are starting to revise some past logo designs, adapting them with new graphics. This portrays a nostalgic effect to the creativity of web designing.
Some of the most popular elements used nowadays for logos are creatures and animals. Although this is not a new trend, web designers have been using it for many years now.

The difference nowadays is that these elements are being used as vector illustrations combined with enhanced imagery. The most well-known is the Twitter bird, but others such as robots, monkeys in postman outfits to name a few are created to give a different twist to the animal and creature themes.

Many web designers create these logos using Adobe Illustrator as the creations are easier to manipulate and re-scale so that you can keep up with the evolving trends and allows more freedom to apply your logos to e-mail messages, visiting cards, poster and other media forms.

When creating a logo it is essential to consider your typography as readers will immediately look at the top of your web page when browsing, this is why you should use a bold lettering logo type that will have an impact on the users who will recognize your branding immediately when they next see it.

Each typeface has a specific feel to the way it relates with the reader and it can change from print to digital interfaces and you can use special effects to make your logo stand out according to where it will be inserted with the typeface adapted to the companies industry.

Abstract art has also influenced the new trend of logos and some modern web pages have some very particular graphic effects. You can play with more simple profiles or rounded corners that work well to create a better user experience for those browsing on the Internet.

Logos can be simple and still have an impact by making them stand out from the page. It you format your logo and give it a more imposing feel by playing with the back ground colors and the logo’s color scheme, you can obtain a very strong logo, that has a powerful impact on readers.

Iconic imagery can greatly enhance a logo, while keeping it simple and making it stand out to make the logo the center point of the page. The typography is also an important aspect of the logo, which is best placed directly under it. Play with the contrasting effects, which will help break up the logo and send a direct message to the readers who will no doubt remember your brand every time they come across it.




  1. lakefarmer /

    Logos symbolize and represent a company and should immediately present to the readers what the company is all about.

  2. business card design /

    Yes, I agree with you. Logos represents the company or your business, so it is better to make the right logo and you can attract more people to join you or try what you are promoting.

  3. Sherly /

    Amazing post, Great logos are have great thoughts behind it, designing logo is not an easy task, it had a lots of preparation and concepts are applied, any logo design make business more profitable through their logo which a customer or viewers vibrantly attracts.


    • Stay informative, San Diego, yeah boy!


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