How To Make A Photo-realistic Metallic Logo In Photoshop

In this tutorial we will create a beautiful and elegant photo-realistic metallic logo in Photoshop.


Program:  Photoshop CS5

Approximate time:  2o – 25 Minutes

Resources: Just our very own Photoshop

Before we go ahead with the tutorial, let’s have a look at the final result.

metallic logo

To view in full size click on the demo button.


Start your Photoshop CS5 and open a new document of 800x800px.

metallic logo


Now we will fill our background with grey #949191-black#1D1C1C gradient.

metallic logo


Follow the given image below for the radial gradient direction.

metallic logo


Now go to Filter->Noise->add Noise.

metallic logo


Set the Amount 7.16%, check on Gaussian and Monochromatic as shown below.

metallic logo


Now add another layer and fill it with color#151414 and reduce its opacity to 20%.

metallic logo


Now select the smudge tool and make its strength 12% and choose a 10 px round brush for it. Then smudge the edges a bit as shown below.

metallic logo


Okay it’s time to add our text on the background. Make a new layer, select type tool then select the Lucida Calligraphy font, 72 pt (or bigger if you want). Now type your logo text like I did “Websoulz” with white color #ffffff. Now select Warp Text, Select the Style Arc, Horizontal and bend it +12%. Follow the settings as shown below.

metallic logo


Now right click on the text layer and go to blending options then select “Stroke”. Choose the color black #000000 and make the size 1px and keep the opacity to 100%.

metallic logo


Now select Drop Shadow and make settings according to the image given below.

metallic logo


Now duplicate the text layer and right click on the copied layer then go to blending options and select Bevel and Emboss. Make the settings shown in the image below.

metallic logo


Now add the ring (I’ve used a ring brush), repeat the process we did with text layer.

metallic logo


I’ve added a bird shape (a brush I’ve made myself). You can select the shape for your logo of your own choice. Again repeat the text layer process to make it look like made of metal.

metallic logo


I’ve added a couple of lines or shapes under the text and made them metal like repeating the same process we did with text layers. There you have it, our photo-realistic metallic logo is complete.

metallic logo

Hope you had fun going through it. Do share your thoughts and suggestions by commenting in the box given below.


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