How to Design an Effective Banner that Really Works

Although many would not agree, banners still play a decisive role in the marketing of your website. They are still as effective as they were and still going strong. The reason banners are still working well is because of the enhanced interfaces offered by Google AdWords, as this content network is working well to help enhance the use of banner ads.


Although the competition on AdWords is tough there is still room in areas where there are fewer challenges. The Image ads realm is another interface which allows for good banner exposure and is an excellent alternative to try out as banner should really be an integrated part of your websites propaganda.

A well structured banner is basically one that is attractive and works well. It does not necessarily have to be “pretty” it simply has to grab the readers’ attention. The focus should not be in crafting your banner artistically, you simply need to get users to click on it.

Here are some essential points to consider when crafting your banners:

Choose the area you will be displaying the banner carefully. This is not an easy choice, as if you do choose AdWords to display your banners, they will be randomly located on the various websites and you will not have a chance to find out exactly how, even though you do have access to the reports available later on.


Make a study on the possible areas you can display your banners whenever you can and do some research work to find out how many ads are already placed on a website, for example. Find out where these ads appear, the style of their banners, how they stand out or blend in to the web page and what elements surround them. These are issues you should consider before creating your banner.

Although banners are unlikely to include much text, it is important you check your copy writing properly. The headline is the most important issue, so if it lacks in stamina, your banner is useless. Concentrate on an effective development of your headline, by viewing your banner from the readers’ point of view; what is this about and how can it help me?

The next phase your banner needs to implement is the call to action button. You need to make the message clear and have users click on the button on your banner. A simple and enticing message can get readers to click on your banner, by using terms such as “free gift here” or “click here.” It is important to clearly state what you want users to do and do not presume they will understand.


If you plan to create a banner using graphics, you will need to do so in a convincing way. This means making the information clear and attractive. Your message needs to stand out and have users act on it. The font is also essential, it needs to be readable. Letters have to stand out clearly so that users can read them. The must be neither too small nor too big, have a good contrast with the background and basically stand out.



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