How to create a luscious text effect using Illustrator and Photoshop

Hi guys, today we’re going to create an amazing luscious looking text effect. I’ve used illustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS5 both to make it. I know some of you must have a few doubts when it comes to using illustrator but let me assure you that it is much easier when you are going for vector effect or you want to give your project a 3D view. It really does make your life a bit easier for using pen tool. You don’t have to shuffle layers after layers to find a specific point; it’s all on the art board in illustrator. Anyway, you’ll feel it yourselves making this beautiful luscious text effect with me.

So, let get started but before that note down the things we are going to need.

Requirement:  Illustrator, Photoshop CS5, Photoshop Star brushes, Nail polish images

Difficulty level:  Medium

Time: 1-1:30min

Have a look at the final image before going ahead with the tutorial. For full view click here.

Photo shop tutorials

Let’s start!


Photo shop tutorials

Open your Illustrator CS5 and open up a new document of 800x800px. Now select the hot pink color #EC008C for fill.


Photo shop tutorials

Now select the font “Harlow Solid Italic” and set the size 301.39pt.


Photo shop tutorials

Now go to the tab “Effect” click open it and select 3D and then select Extrude & Bevel as shown in the picture below.


Photo shop tutorials

Okay now set the text on angels shown in the image below (-4,-4,-1). Make the extrude depth 154pt. Select a round Bevel and keep its height to 4pt. Adjust the light according to the picture given below.


Photo shop tutorials

Now you’ll have something like the image shown below.


Photo shop tutorials

Now select pen tool and make a shape like a flowing drop as shown in the image below. Use same color as font.


Photo shop tutorials

Now fill that drop with the gradient shown in the picture given below.


Photo shop tutorials

Now make some more drops same way and keep then of different sizes.


Photo shop tutorials

Again use pen too and make a kind of bridge between drops so they look more real.


Photo shop tutorials

With a few bridges add some lines with pen tool coming down from above like pain coming down as shown below.


Photo shop tutorials

Okay that’s pretty much it with Illustrator. Save the work and close the illustrator. Now open your Photoshop so we can finish the rest of effect in there. Now open up a new document in Photoshop of 1000x1000px and fill it with black color #000000.


Photo shop tutorials

Now open up that text effect we made in Illustrator and copy paste it on our black background.


Photo shop tutorials

Now select a soft round brush of size 3 px with white color #ffffff and add a light effect by drawing a few lines here and there on text. For reference see the picture shown below. Now reduce the Opacity to 60%.


Photo shop tutorials

Now select a hard round brush of size 1px with color #cf004d and then select pen tool. Make a shape as shown in the picture given below on the text to show the paint falling and flowing on top of our text.


Photo shop tutorials

Now right click on the shape and select stroke path.


Photo shop tutorials

Again right click on the shape and select delete path.


Photo shop tutorials

Now fill that shape with the color # cf004d. Now right click on the shape layer and go to Blending Options. Select Drop Shadow and make the settings as shown in the picture below.


Photo shop tutorials

Now select Bevel & Emboss and make the settings according to the picture shown below.


Photo shop tutorials

Now select gradient overlay. Make the gradient with color# 5e0602 on both side and color # cb0021 in the middle.


Photo shop tutorials

Now go on and make shapes like these on the rest of the text. And add same effects.


Photo shop tutorials

Add a few more on top of these layers to give a thick effect to the paint.


Photo shop tutorials

I’ve add a few nail polish bottles to our effect which I’ve taken from Google images.


Photo shop tutorials

Select a hard round brush with 1px size and white color# ffffff and make dots for glitter and then right click on the glitter layer and select blending options. Now select outer glow.


Photo shop tutorials

To make it more glamorous I’ve used star brushes which you can down download from WebSoulz freebee section absolutely free.


Photo shop tutorials

Now, to blend everything in, make a new layer and fill it with color # 630460. Set the blending mode to Overlay and reduce the Opacity to 70%.

Now our” Luscious text effect” is complete. Hope you guys had fun making it yourself. Do share your views and thoughts with me. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll personally reply.



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