Freelancers also need to invest!

Working or doing a job as a freelancer certainly has its advantages. However, freelancers need to invest in materials, tools and products. A freelancer will need at least the proper software. When using proper software, productivity will be heightened and working will be done more effectively.

Below are some things worth investing in if you are a freelancer.

Sharpen your pencil and write in a notebook?

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Of course, this might look as old school. However, is is easy to have a notebook with for example your to do list for a certain day. Or for writing down ideas so you might not forget them. One disadvantage is that a notebook is not as effective as certain apps on your computer. You also have no backup of your notes. It might seem that the proper software is worth investing in.

Time management in doing job as a freelancer

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As a freelancer, you might work from your home office. It is of utmost importance to divide yourself between your working hours and private life. If there is lack of time management and private and working hours are not separated, the consequences on the personal level can be huge. A tool for time management is a good investment. It can be used for calculating how much time is spend on a certain task and how much you should charge for it.

Importance of Accountancy in the Job As a Freelancer

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A person doing job as a  freelancer need to be its own accountant sometimes. Why not investing in the proper software for it? The chance on making mistakes or miscalculations is smaller then when not having the proper software at hand.

Specific software As Part of The Job As a freelancer

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An example is specific software for developers. Developers need a code editor, so they can develop programs and the like in several languages. Examples of this kind of software are Text Mate, Adobe Dreamweaver and Coda.

Office suites

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An office suite consists of several applications related to productivity. The best example in this case is Microsoft Office, which contains the programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Other examples are Open Office and Google Docs.

Creating a backup and store files

Freelancers will work with different clients and create different files. Storage and backups are of great importance. In case the system goes down, a backup is an ideal way to be able to keep on working for the client. One example is Dropbox.

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Email software

A freelancer has a lot of external contacts. Email software is therefore worth investing in. You can send newsletters, your work, posting adds on blogs, etc etc.

Books and the like

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When starting job as a freelancer, it is also worth to invest in books and other sources on how to become a successful freelancer. The tips in the books might be also applicable to your area of work.


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When starting as a freelancer, investments need to be made. Above examples are all worth investing in, since they will ensure more productivity and working more efficient on the long term. The investments will earn themselves back on the longer term. Working more efficient will mean more work in the nearby future. So people who are doing job as a freelancer also need to invest!


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