Eat, breath and live design – learn the Basics of Designing

We all dream of making outstanding websites, and I believe this is the dream of those who are true artists. In order to do this, we need to polish our creativity because we don’t have any fix formula for an amazing design.

So to get the best results we need to eat, breath and live our designs. As when you are an artist, you cannot help yourself but to wish for perfection in design so as to enable yourself to convey your message to the world. I know this is not easy but there are some small things, which can drastically enhance the appearance and performance of your design. And you can be almost perfect in what you produce.

Respect the boundaries

Okay, I know it’s really hard to respect the boundaries. As it’s a well-known truth that artists are a bunch of restless souls. However, trust me; it really helps to set some limitations when designing. Let’s start with the grid, using a grid to set up your design helps to keep you on track and to clear your thoughts. By using one of the “one line grid” programs like 960 or blue print. You can achieve your desired effects knowing that cross browser compatibility will not be a problem.

Both of these programs are easily downloadable. The amount of grids you can use seems endless. You have the ability to sort out the number of columns you need and to mix and match for creating the idea you wish to put across. You need to look at your grid and place items to complement the design. The need for good flow is very important. This comes with proper interaction between the placements of your items on your grid.


It’s all about Colors

Who can deny that colors play a very important role in our lives? Colors often define your mind and creativity. They are an effective source of expression, especially, in your designs. And as a designer we need to understand that colors are powerful tools and a proper use of color contrast is very important. There are small things that can help in making a difference. Like when you want to use a full spectrum of colors you need a negative background like gray. This will prevent eye strain.

Same is with adding contrast. By using good contrast, we can easily highlight a specific item. It simply stands out and makes navigation to important items very easy. With the use of color, we can also use gradients to enhance the meaning of our designs. The use of these gradients makes your designs more interesting and also produces positive action in the web design. Rather than use it on everything in sight, be scant in use and keep it to items you wish to bring into the limelight.


Give your design some space

The last thing you want with your design is that it has too much going on. As this really disturbs the visitor. I know when we are designing, we can be carried away with our creativity, but it’s really important to give some space to your design. So the message you want to deliver through your design can properly convey itself. So make some room for white space in your design because it keeps the flow and energy of the site active. White space does not necessarily have to be white in color.

It’s the area that divides the elements in a page, so they can be seen and absorbed into the mind. Elements placed too close together end up being a jumble of nothing because all blurs together. Designing with the right amount of white space helps in absorbing all the details much more easily. This prevents the design from being clustered, which gives an overall feeling of good flow and therefore, good vigor.


Improve Your Typography

The use of letters and the spacing is an essential part of creating an outstanding design. Using the correct spacing between your letters is the key. If the letters are too close together, the words would be very difficult to read. And you get the same result if there is too much spacing between the letters. If you want to use a fancy style, make very sure that it is easy to read. Difficult to understand words will have your visitors leaving in droves.

By using different casing, you can also establish a diverse feel to your design. The use of lower case can be very effective as well as using caps for a particular reason. Caps tend to be regarded as shouting on the internet. This can be used effectively to bring prompt attention, when you want people to focus on a particular headline item. However, over use of them is disturbing. You can also use anti-aliasing, which can smooth out the ragged edges of the font thus making your type easier to read. Do not use small fonts as they can become fuzzy and difficult to read. Text in small fonts can’t be printed easily as it becomes blurred.

Keep it aligned

Using alignment in your design can turn it from boring to interesting. Things do not have to be in straight lines provided; they are still easily read and understandable. Just as you don’t always have to use a Capital to start the word, the same applies to the way the text is presented; it can be horizontal or vertical. With the use of some new tools that are available for aligning the letters vertically, etc.

Photographs, use them wisely

We all know photographs bring life into your design. Of course, the selection and placement of the photos is important, as the right assortment of photos can immensely enhance the effectiveness of your design. There are few things you can keep in mind while using the photos in your design. For example, brightness of the photos should go along with the overall color scheme of your design. And if you want on focus on a specific photograph, use blurring a bit. This makes the background fade and the main subject comes to the fore. This always creates a superb effect not only in photographs but in the composition in total.

Blurring a section of the page or of the photograph has the same effect. It makes the rest of the page stand out. This is a great way of making the eye fall on the item you want noticed. As a visual effect, it is both creative and can be dramatic. You bring the un-blurred section to the forefront of the design, and it means the rest of the page is used as background to the pinpointed area. You are creating the beginning, spiking the interest and then following through with the supplement story. This is another flow element. The best thing about this is that it can be used on almost any section of the design, although I would tend to use it in a hotspot. A hotspot is the area where eyes tend to fall first on a page.


Have Clear and Effective Navigation

I cannot stress this enough, navigation is the most important aspect of a website. Clear, unambiguous navigation is crucial to maintain the flow. If you have people hunting for a particular navigational link you will not only lose the visitor, but it also means your website has a downfall. To achieve excellence, there should never be a question that doesn’t have an immediate answer. The menu for navigation should be visible and noticeably defined. The effortlessness of moving around a web design is extremely important and an integral part of a good design indeed.


All is well when ends well

Alright the final impact of your site is the footer.  Make use of it to bring home the message of creation of the web design.  Remember, the footer isn’t just the afterthought of your design where you have to put in all the necessary links to legal pages. It is a full part of the overall design and should be treated as such.

In précis, when you are creating a design you really need to take into account all aspects of the page: The flow of energy as well as the need to navigate easily. The visual aspect of the entire page is vital for keeping the visitor riveted and entertained.

So make your design a lean, clean machine that functions speedily and well. In this day and age, it is very important to have a fast functioning website. Too often designers tend to forget this very significant fact and load the design with unnecessary extras, which are little more than fillers. This is especially true for the photographs used. You need to trim them down for fast loading and web efficiency. By keeping these points in mind you will end up with an outstanding website which will interest the visitor, without unnecessary distractions.

Do you think these points are essential in creating an amazing design? Or you would like to add more to the list do comment and share your tips.



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