Drupal titbits for new developers

I have brought a walk-through for fresh Drupal sites developers. If  you guys haven’t got a drupal setup so far, you should check out  drupal.org. There you will find some excellent guiding tips for setting up drupal sites.  I won’t say drupal is for all, but it is a very famous platform that assists establishing a lot of common aims for website proprietors. Here are a few things that will be of assistance to you as a new drupal developer.

One thing you really should download and install is the Administration Menu Module. It works independent of the theme and is very useful for both newbie’s and developers alike. It gives you access to all the normal tasks of your menu as well and admin functions.

Backups are always very important irrespective of what platform you use and with Drupal you can find a backup module bundled with Migrate. This means you cannot only back it up and restore it should something go wrong, but you can also transfer it to another Drupal site. You get to choose what you want to backup and also to transfer.

When you are getting started on a Drupal site, there are some things you need to set up and organise. These will be helped by going to Drupal getting started. This will lead you through your site configuration like error reporting, input forms and the like.

Your basic framework on Drupal is important just as it is on any other site or platform. Here you are able to work out your ideas using the basic tools like 1 2 or 3 columns, a search bar and your header among other things. It is a simple format and should be regarded as that. It is compliant with W3 standards and compatible with all browsers.

Theme Garden can supply you with theme needs without you having to make your own. The basis of Drupal is that it is a community of people working together and helping each other and at the same time building websites.

Take a look at Drupal before deciding whether it is the one for you or not. It isn’t for everyone so you need to decide for yourself. Some kinds of modules are there and ready for you to get up and running in a short time. If you want a specific site doing a specific task it might take you a lot of building time and man hours. If you use the Acquia distribution you can add on modules for a more functional site.

However, there are some things important to take note of as you install because these can be the power behind the throne as it were. The first user is very important so make a note of the username and the password as well as the email address you used. You will need these to keep the site updated. Do not lose them and keep them off line as well as on the pc. If your pc crashes you will be lost. Once you are up and running you will need content. To create this you will need to navigate to your URL. This content is called a node.

These are your basics of Drupal. If you have any questions or want to share your experience. Do comment and let us know what you think.



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