A Better Way to Build Your Web Design Questionnaire

A website with an effective and original questionnaire will allow you to obtain design information that can be helpful and focused on your personal web designing needs. Questionnaires can be developed to help users obtain relevant answers to their questions when you are not available.


When developing your one-way questionnaire you will be applying the same concepts you use in e-mail replies or with face-to-face communication.

Short Forms Work Best

If you use questionnaire forms that are too long, these will generate answers that are often hurried, as readers get impatient. Make sure your questionnaires are as concise as possible and clear to read, so that your client’s patience is not put to the test. Normally people will be enquiring about the design of a website when they are starting a new business and they need enhanced solutions to help keep up with their clients’ requests. This means that you are probably aware of what they are looking for and the solutions you can provide.

Use Your Creative questions at the Beginning of your Questionnaire

Original and amusing questions at the beginning of your questionnaire will engage your readers and break the ice for a more serious questioning further along the question form. It is important to make your clients feel comfortable using your questionnaire and make them answer as naturally as possible.

Some Examples of Creativity

Try and get into the clothes of your typical user type. What words would he or she be using when describing the product or service you are providing? Now try and come up with just one word to describe your business. Think of what elements your competitors would most likely envy you and also which others would your users miss the most should your website no longer be available.

You may find it helpful to provide example responses to help people understand what you are pointing to. Although your questions may be clear to you, they may not be to your clients. You can use a list of key words that define your company. You can also ask your clients what kind of web designs they like and provide a list of websites they can visit and give their opinion on. Avoid open ended questions that give too much leeway for answers, as for example questions like: “What is your opinion on web designing in general?” do not ask questions that are too generic or give an opening to vague answers. Instead of asking your client what his or her business involves, ask them to describe a day at their business headquarters.

What happens after you have received your answers?

Once you receive your questionnaire back, read through it properly and read over it again for a second time. Try and take in as much information as you can and re-write the answers on a file, which you can keep as a sample. Try to capture the nuances of your client’s answers and study the way the write to understand what type of clients you will be dealing with.



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