6 Things to Consider in a Portfolio Upgrade

As a freelancer, your freelancing web portfolio is a business development tool. It is also a useful tool for exhibiting creativity and being memorable. However, the portfolio must also be usable and follow important conventions.

What is wrong with the current freelancing web portfolio?

If you already have a freelancing web portfolio, it is really important to understand what is happening on it. If it is on a website, use analytics to understand how people are engaging the website. If these are laid out correctly, it may show what content is getting the most interest – which can help you decide what content to promote more for greater interest.

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What is the goal of the freelancing web portfolio?

Broadly, we understand the portfolio is about getting work. However, when designing a freelancing web portfolio, it is much more effective to understand how this redesign will improve your business, and align with your commercial goals. Outlining these from the start will improve your ability to ensure that the features of the portfolio are aligned with what you want from it.

Define the personality you are projecting. Who is the audience?

Like writing, how the tone of the freelancing web portfolio is set out will have a large impact on how people respond to it. So, however the personality of the portfolio, it is important that it is clear and well developed. Even disagreeable personalities are attractive if they show thoughtfulness and quality. Making sure that the personality, like the goals of the portfolio, is defined in advance will ensure that it is clear to the audience what is intended.

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Content matters: think about it

The goals and personality will have a major impact on how the content is selected and arranged. This is obviously a key component to a freelancing web portfolio, and how it content is prepared and displayed will have the most impact in how it is interpreted and received. Therefore, take a moment to consider how best to project the ideas of your work so that they meet the maximum impact.

Prototypes will save time

When preparing the site, using prototype software such as wireframes in order to experiment is a great way of ensuring that the content selection and display meets the  goals and personality of the site – before reaching the more difficult to work with coding stage. Some people find this is even quite easy to do in PowerPoint or with good old paper and pen. It provides a canvas to quickly shift things around with and try stuff out.

Thoughts on memorability

This is the space where you explain why you are great. Don’t be forgotten. Many great portfolios show how the freelancer is different and special, are bold and daring, and highlight content which is compelling. It pays to show thought leadership. Use language which propels the reader to look further, and ensure that the text is punchy.

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The freelancing web portfolio is the place to brag, to show how smart you are an how important your thinking is. The more intelligent and driven the freelancing web portfolio is, the more likely it will inspire it’s reader to bring you into their work.




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