30 Sleek Images of Cubism in Digital Art

Hello friends! Yesterday I was roaming on TV and suddenly I stopped on two different channels where I realized the difference between the old and new styles of digital art. Old ones have some sort of cubical form then I started to realize that our cyber world still has the cubism form in digital art but in a new avatar. Cubism has become digital and 3D, far more interesting and worth watching. Instead of analyzing the object from single point of view, it has a unique way to analyze and illustrate the broken object and image and re-assemble it into an abstract form.

So, I have brought you guys 30 Sleek Images of Cubism in Digital Art for your inspiration.


1-Andre Galluzzi im Knarz By Prop4g4nd4



2-Likewise 2.0 By Joseph Schuck



3-Bob By Pablo Lobato



4-Untitled By Denis Gonchar



5-Animals By Nacho Gil



6-For The Love Of Game By Charis Tsevis



7-Cooldown By Lerms



8-Prince By Pablo Lobato



9-Untitled By Denis Gonchar



10-A Personal Reflection By Zummi



11-Amour By Marcus Lyra



12-Humanity, Epicurus By SkipDesign



13-Djoon: James Brown Tribute By prop4g4nd4



14-Jazzy! By Pablo Lobato



15-Graffiti Style By SickSystems



16-Michoacán, El Alma de México By Ben Mendez



17-Why Do We Fall By Lerms



18-Woody Allen By Pablo Lobato



19-Legends: DJ Spinna By Prop4g4nd4



20-Turkey 2010 Basketball World Championship By Charis Tsevis



21-Fashion With Cubic Forms By Elif Yaman



22-INTEAL Wine Jazz Bistrot By Prop4g4nd4



23-Products By Cristiano Siquiera



24-Doute By Marcus Lyra



25-Cubism By Nady Azhry



26-Magazine Cover By Pikknick



27-Vector Fox By Bernd Wachtmeister



28-Animals By Nacho Gil



29-For The Love Of Game By Charis Tsevis



30-St. Louis Sports By Tim Murphy



Have fun and do leave your views about this collection of digital art.


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