25 amazing Free FONTs to spice up your designs

We all know fonts play an important role to add that “wow” factor in any design, whether you are designing a website, banner, logo or even a brochure.  A lot of time when you are designing something and you suddenly think something is missing. But these fonts can really help adding that extra creative touch in your design.  It is quite hard to find a fun, exciting, clear and most important free font that can add a stunning touch to your designs. So I have compiled a list of 25 amazing fonts that can really spice up your designs for sure.

Dutch & Harley

Cute tattoo





Angelic war

Agnes serif

Docteur atomic

Alien ghost



Opux pix


VTKS focus


Aajax surreal freak

Action is

Bizzy bee


Marquis de sade

Kremlin emperor


Sebastian font

Taco modern

That’s all for now, try out these free fonts, make your design more exciting. And if you want to suggest another awesome free font. Do comment and share your ideas. Thanks



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