15 Plus CMSs With Included Hosting:Your Problem Solvers

With the word CMS, almost at once we think of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, which are obviously our traditional options to go for. However, your choice does not end with only these; there are other options available too. Nowadays, the term hosted CMS is getting quite popular especially with the community of web designers.

Though they might not stand at the same levels as the traditional self-hosted CMSs but they certainly have their individual good traits that might suit a designer’s professional needs. If you put the included hosting aside you’ll have a wonderful support from the manufacturer of the CMS.

So, you can be sure, if anything goes wrong you will be able to get the right assistance for that. Also, almost all of these systems come with reseller tools so you can re-brand your site and sell it so in the end this type of CMS is not only easy to work with but also you can create a flow of income for yourself without any hassles.

Today, I’ve brought a selected list of hosted CMSs for you guys that being a designer you must know about. So let’s start our tour.


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Its basic use is to construct e-commerce websites, great designing tools.


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It has multilingual features and economical rates.


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Comes with great analytics and a beautiful layout.


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You can build website with an ease using this CMS, comes with great special plans for web designers. It’s pricing a bit higher though.

Adobe Business Catalyst

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Really great for organizations or businesses.


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Amazing SEO settings and very easy to work with.


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Amazing apps for Android and iOS.


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It comes with great e-Commerce Tools, exceptional plans for web designers and Reseller options.

Agility CMS

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Amazing support for JSON API and ASP.NET. Rich Text Editing but a bit high on the rates.


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Comes with Reseller tools and iPhone app.

Vae Platform

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Best for e-commerce websites but may seem a bit overpriced.


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Very easy to work on.


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Interesting features and decent support.


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Excellent content management system with in-built Sitemaps, Stats and SEO settings.


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Exclusive features for e-com websites.


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Intended for designers of e-com websites.


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Amazing stats and analytics, decent tools for e-commerce websites.

Magento Go

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Awesome features for e-com stores.


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